Feel Free To Take Your Time & See All The Wonderful Skincare & Massage Services Available to You! From Herbal, Gentle, Painless, Long Lasting Hair Removal, Authentic Thai Massage Which I Absolutely Love & More! TAKE NOTE: GOOGLE READS I”AM A WAXING BUSINESS! WRONG! I DO NOT USE WAX ON THE SKIN! It’s Not Good For Your Skin! Please Watch My Video, Called, “Spacecoast Treasures’ Thank you

Let’s Talk Hair Removal. No Pain, No Hassle, No Fuss.
Just Lasting Results For More Confidence And A Smoother Body!

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Friends, thank you for checking out my website. Here is where you can make a difference in your skin and reduce the hair on your body. I’m originally from California where I went to beauty college and received my license as an aesthetician, Lic# FB9734727. Florida massage License#MA89010. I’ve been practicing in Florida for the past six years.

My forte is addressing excess hair on the body and have GREAT products for reducing hair on the body.
I believe Healthy Smooth Skin is so very important for looking really Great no matter what your age.
If excessive hair on your Back & Body bothers you? Please read about my Natural Hair Removal Product & My Aloe Vera & Tea Gels for Happy, Healthy Skin For Life!” If your in my area. Palm Bay, Florida? Your Welcome to schedule an appointment during my business hours. I do have limited time and space. So please be patient and have a great day!

Information Guide To Other Hair Removal Options

Other Hair Removal Services
Spa Waxing
Can last a few months Painful treatment for most. Skin irritation and breakouts afterwards rips the hair along with the skin.
Laser Hair Removal
Permanent Hair Removal Expensive! Takes many treatments for permanent results, Does not work on gray or blonde hair well. After many treatments you may still have some hair left and more pricey treatments.

The Best Solution For Eliminating Hair On The Body! License#FB9734727
Wolfstopper Hair Removal Product & Wendy your skin friendly trained expert.
No Pain! Your skin is smoother. Less to no irritation or breakouts. Last for weeks! A pampering experience when you see me. Soon you can order and do it yourself at your convenience! Cost less than Waxing & Laser Treatments. Last, if you’re in my area? I can give you tips on getting the Best Results for your unique skin! Not permanent hair removal solution.

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Stay Calm And Love Your Skin

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