Is Everyone Having A Great Summer?


Hi friends, glad you made time to check out my new website. All my hard work in the past six years has been to formulate a truly gentle pain free solution to control excess hair on the body Everywhere!  I promise my services are are geared to give you lasting results that leave your skin softer than ever. Please read my service page for more details and schedule when your ready. Please just call me early the same day you would like to get a treatment. Many people ask me if my hair removal service is better than shaving or waxing. The answer is is Yes! Why? First, lets talk about shaving. It’s hard to shave the back or bikini area successful anyways. If you are able to shave the areas. Many people get in grown hairs and stumbles  right away. My hair removal product is herbal based and gentle on the skin. so there is no trauma to the skin and there fore the hair has a chance to come out of the skin smoother and finer. After a few treatments, you will notice this more and more.  I have many tricks that I have learned to get the  Best results for most people. My dream is to be the very best in the field of hair removal services in Florida. I feel at this point you will too. I know its a bit of a drive for some of you. I feel it will be worth it to experience not only Smoother Hairless skin but also a wonderful Pampering Aloe Vera Moisturizing Treatment Rub. It’s cooling, non greasy and leaves you so Relaxed and Happy! I hope the meet you soon and have a Beautiful Day in your Paradise! CheersDSC01315