Be Happy & Have Hope For A Beautiful Spring In April


Hi friends, stay strong during these difficult times. I will be here when its safe in Palm Bay to gift you the Best Massage & Hair Removal Service Anywhere with Passion for your skin to look its Best!  I just perfected my Beautiful gel ingredients. Just want to thank my clients  for allowing me to try my different recipe gels on your skin.  I did have a few that smelled a bit too strong like Strawberries. Now, my gels absorb the smell into your skin perfectly. So Natural, Non-Greasy and So Healing for the skin.  Aloe Vera Gel & Cucumber Hydrosol with my Secret ingredients for the Best Gels ever. My goal has always been to make products I could not find in stores anywhere that did not have Chemicals and that would leave my skin and my clients skin Moisturized and Beautiful. I believe that goal has been reached this time.  Natural Hair Removal, Natural Gels that you can buy and travel with anywhere. Please hang in there, be safe and I hope to serve you soon.

Cheers, Wendy & Dolly Rose