Happy June To You! What’s New Miss Wendy? “Hi’


Hi Folks, Wow its all ready July!!! Hot, Hot, Hot! Try Thai Massage with Awesome Music  with my Gift to Feel the Music along with how I massage your Body is an Incredible Feeling! I really Love Offering a Massage like No Other! &, Awesome Herbal Hair Removal for Beach Lovers & For Surprising You Date with Smooth Skin Everywhere! Really the Best & Having a License Helps!  Check out my video on my “Homepage’ called, “Space coast Treasure’ on my “Home’ page here on my website!

So for folks that like to talk about me on “Reviews’ but Don’t ask me Directly for some Reason! Here’s my Story! I started my “BodyArtwork’ about 8 years ago! Why? I had a Car accident about close to the Time I moved to Florida. Now, for my friends who may read this part, please remember, it was a Hard Time and I had a Few Scares on my back and it is not a good memory. So I’m not too Fond to discuss the Details during your Session, but to just understand the “Why” part. So I started my journey and all my “Artwork’ connects  togather to tell a Story! “Far Out?’ Maybe, but people from all walks of Life ask me Questions about them and because I have 76 animal tattoos, I like it! Now, I can Share my “Love’ for Animals and Why Everyone could Find Unconditional Love by having a Best Friend! So now with my “Love’ for “Lacy’ and with my “Pretty Face’ I have my Own Style like my Own Fun Personality and Websites! So you shall Always Laugh even my Most Serious Folks!

Thank you for taking the “Time’ to “Read’ my Blog & Call, “If???”  you want a “Unique Heartfelt’ Massage!’ I Lightly Screen so I can the “Gems’ The “Sweetie Pies’ out there in the “Ethers’  This will Go Far for a Great Positive Day for me and Gifting you a Unique Experience! “My Best Massage 4 You’ In a  “Tropical Style Presentation’ Lot’s of Towels with a Light Scrub Feels Very Nice!!!  Let me be a little bit of your Summer Pampering Experience and Just Be Open to a Really Good Massage by Me, Miss Wendy!

Cheers to Life & Good Health!