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You Will Find My Services Are Gentle & Effective!

You Will Find My Services Are Affordable & Relaxing!

Safe & Great Service For The Past 10 Years By Your One & Only Irish Lass & a Little Dog named “Dolly Rose” – My Sweet Baby Girl, My Best Friend.

What Excites? Herbal Aloe Gel’s. Light Silky Feel With Every Massage!

Licensed & Trained in California as an Skincare Professional, Over 600 hours in training and practice. License #77908.

Florida Massage License#MM89010

Advanced Training in Hair Removal Procedures & Spa Body massagess from Institute of Dermalogica in San Francisco. You’re in Good Hands

You Will Find Great Results Here With Wendy As Your Hair Removal Specialist!

Always Available, Electric Shaving For Reducing Longer Hairs On The Body!

Leave Feeling More Confident & Smooth Today!

I Use No Waxing Products! I Use A Gentle Herbal Product From France! Along with Natural, Non Greasy, Unscented Moisturizers For Super Absorption & Results!

I Also Offer Longer Sessions. 90 Minute Sessions And Longer.

Everyone’s Facial

Blending Science with Nature to Create Visual Changes in Your Skin!

My facials are for Treatment of Aging, Acne, Rosacea, Environmental Damage, Hyper-pigmentation and other Skin Conditions. All my facials are included in my basic session prices. You can have just a “Relaxing Aloe Vera Gel Facial Massage” Or we can talk about adding some custom designer treatments that are gentle and pampering for your face and anywhere on your body that needs special TLC. All my products are custom made by me along with European products that Truly Make A Difference In Your Skin. Let’s talk about your skincare goals and let me pamper your skin.

Please Read More Below For Details! Try A Very Popular Aloe Vera Massage Treatment For Your Skin & Body! My combination of the finest Aloe Vera Products along with a Rare Blend of Joco Oil leaves your skin feeling Great & Your Body Purring! What is Joco Oil? It is a Unique Blend of jojoba oil and refined coconut oil. I blend the rational Perfectly for your skin so you never feel greasy only Moisturized & Glowing! My Guaranteed To You & Your Skin!

Get The Best Variety Of Massage Styles & Skincare Services!

I offer Wonderful Treats for you Skin, Body & Relaxation! Try a 60 minute Body Massage using the very Best Aloe Vera Products For Your Skin. Not Greasy or Smelly! Just Natural and Goes On Like Silk. Great For Your Skin, Relaxing For Your Body and Rejuvenating For Your Spirits! Only $80 for the Aloe Vera Massage Treatment! Only $20 extra and Always Optional, “Herbal Hair Removal Treatment” Let’s discuss your Unique Needs And Come Up With A Hair Removal Plan Special For You! Selling Soon – Natural Skincare Products. “Shaving Gel, Shea Butter Soap, Natural Talc Free Body Powder & More!

Try Longer Massage Sessions From 60 Minutes To 90 Minutes & Longer.
Japanese Style Deep Tissue, Traditional Thai Massage & Relaxing Rosewood Massage.

Welcome friends, take advantage of my eleven years experience and extensive training in the field of skincare & hair removal. What I offer is a Fantastic Way to remove hair in most places for a few weeks pain free! Exciting! Yes? I also, do skincare for the body via using All Natural, Unscented & Most Important Non Greasy Products to be used on the body. This is a very relaxing and pampering experience for the Body, Mind & Spirit. If you need some stretching added to your massage? I’m trained in yoga from California and can give you a few stretching exercises to add with your session. Just ask when you stop by. Thank you!

Remember Folks, my new Secret Herbal Product will work GREAT for people that want to have hairless smoother skin Before surgery, Before a sports competition, Before a tattoo session, Before a exotic cruise adventure, Before a beach party and Before a sexy encounter! Give it a try and I promise you will Love Feeling Smooth & Hairless!

New Video Coming Out Next Week. Please Enjoy Reading About My Wonderful Therapies & Services On My Website. Thank you

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When you’re in Wendy’s Worlds, I will do my Best to get your Body Super Smooth and Sexy for any season or holiday event. I also do great skincare facials and use only the very Best natural, non greasy and unscented products for your skin and body!” Give it a try and you will Love it!

Interesting Fact: One of my key ingredients in my New Herbal Hair Removal Product was discovered by watching elephants in nature eat this secret herb off a tree. It’s used today in Ayurvedic Medicine, (Indian Medicine) to help cure inflammation throughout the body. This natural herb is also used topically in many products to reduce inflammation of the skin. My Herbal Hair Removal Product is the BEST for not only removing hair on the body, but producing Softer Healthier Skin! Visit me soon and feel the difference yourself. I use it and LOVE the Smell and the Results!

Frequently Asked Questions About My Awesome Hair Removal Services

(1) How long does my hair stay gone after your hair removal treatment? I get this question a lot. For the back, most people say it does not start to grow back for at least three weeks. What people don’t realize is that when the hair does grow back. The transitional period is very comfortable. The hair grows back finer and less, especially after a few treatments. One nice plus, is most people don’t get the ingrown hairs or hard stumbles like when they use a razor.
(2) Wendy will I have a breakout or irritation after your hair removal treatment? My answer to that question is in general. No, as long as you use my natural soap and Aloe Vera gel that I send you home with after your treatment.
(3) Wendy does your hair removal product work better than shaving and last longer? The answer is Yes! Shaving you body the hair will grow back in a few days. My hair herbal hair removal product will last a few weeks, less ingrown hairs and stumbles.’
(4) Wendy how do you feel about laser hair removal? To be honest, the clients that have tried laser still have unwanted hair. Most tell me they are unhappy with the results because they need so many more treatments than what they were told”

Special Note: I use the most natural pure products like Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil. Aloe Vera absorbs four times faster than water and is a great moisturizer for the body and face! Jojoba Oil is the lightest out of all the oil groups and is great for very dry cracked areas on the body!
(5) Miss Wendy, I see you offer different types of massage sessions. Can you explain a bit more what your massage sessions are like? Yes indeed, I offer Deep Tissue, Traditional Thai Massage & Swedish Style with long strokes for deep relaxation. It’s always your choice & each massage is tailored just for you. I offer session times ranging from 60 to 120 minute. In every session I use healing heated stones and you relax on my massage table. My table is padded with healing heated jade rock stones and is very healing for muscle soreness. When Your Ready, Gift Yourself A Great Massage With Me!

Please have at least a 1/4 of hair growth on your body before making an appointment for Best Results for your hair removal experience! Thank you.

Call me soon and let me get you looking good for the beach, a cruise or for your relationships today!

Please remember to go to my Contact Page for my hours since my time space is limited to a short window of time each day! Cheers

Before & After Picture Of My Most Recent Client. He Looked Amazing Afterwards & You Will Too!

Testimonials From My Clients

“I really like how my hair stays gone for weeks! I get my back done every few months and really enjoy the moisturizing massage as well. I feel so Relaxed and Rejuvenated after my visit with Wendy!”

“Hey Wendy,it was Great meeting you yesterday and my skin feels great after you hair removal service! I will call you again in 3-4 weeks to reschedule for another massage!”

On a Tuesday afternoon on June 7th one of my clients touched me by their words of sincere gratitude about his massage. I was so touched by his words that I had an idea. Why not record his words so others can get an idea how they may feel if they decide to see me someday. Enjoy!

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